Nikolaeva NYu, Tagirov KhKh

DOI: 10.33284/2658-3135-102-4-261

UDC 631.42(571.16)

Agrochemical assessment of soils in agricultural lands of Prichulymya

Nataliya Yu Nikolaeva1, Khamit Kh Tagirov2,3

1Tomsk Agricultural Institute-Branch of FSBEI HE Novosibirsk State Agrarian University (Tomsk, Russia)

2Bashkir State Agrarian University (Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan)

3Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Orenburg, Russia)

Summary. The article presents the results of agrochemical assessment of arable land in agricultural land on the example of Pervomaisky agricultural complex in the Pervomaisky district of Tomsk Region. It has been established that most of arable land is highly humified: the average humus content is 5.1%. Assessment of degree of acidity showed the predominance of slightly acidic soils (about 73% of the farm). Only a tenth of the territory of the farm requires reclamation work - liming. According to the nitrate nitrogen content, the soils under consideration are characterized by a very low and low degree of supply, which indicates a high need for the application of nitrogen fertilizers. A low and medium supply of soils with mobile forms of phosphorus was found. When assessing the content of exchangeable potassium, it was revealed that the soils of the farm are characterized by medium and increased accumulation of it.

Based on the studies conducted, annual application of organic and nitrogen fertilizers can be recommended in order to maintain a deficiency-free balance of humus and mineral nutrition elements. As an alternative to fertilizers, cultivation of green crops is possible. These methods will contribute to the enrichment of soils with organic matter, nitrogen and other elements and will reduce the cost of fertilizers.

Key words: agricultural land, soil, fertility, humus, soil acidity, nitrate nitrogen, mobile phosphorus, exchange potassium.


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Nikolaeva Nataliya Yuryevna, Cand. Sci. (Biol.), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Agronomy, Production Technology and Processing of Agricultural Products of Tomsk Agricultural Institute-branch of FSBEI HE Novosibirsk State Agrarian University, 634050, Tomsk, 19 Marx St., tel. (3822)53-23-61, e-mail:

Tagirov Khamit Kharisovich, Dr. Sci. (Agr.), Professor, Head of the Department of Technology of Meat, Dairy Products and Chemistry, Bashkir State Agrarian University, 450001, Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, St. 50 years of October, 34, tel.: (347)248-28-70; Chief Researcher, Department for Beef Cattle Technology and Beef Production, Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000, Orenburg, Russia, 29, 9 Yanvarya St., e-mail:

Received: 2 December 2019; Accepted: 16 December 2019;Published: 31 December 2019