Khokhlov VV

DOI: 10.33284/2658-3135-102-4-246

UDC 636.32/.38:591.11

The use of Nitamin before mating to replenish vitamins in the body of lactating goats of the Alpine breed

Vladimir V Khokhlov

Perm Institute of the Federal Penal Service (Perm, Russia)

Summary. The research results presented in the article may be useful in breeding goats of the Alpine breed. On the basis of Agrofirma Yugovskoye LLC, Perm Territory, a study was conducted on the use of Nitamin in order to compensate the lack of vitamins in the body of the Alpine lactating goats and analyze the effect of the test drug on the body of non-pregnant lactating goats 24 days before mating. 2 groups of alpine lactating goats were formed according to the principle of pair-analogues, 20 goats each. The conditions of feeding, keeping and caring for animals during the experiment did not differ from those accepted on the farm. After dividing the animals into groups, blood samples were taken for general and biochemical studies. Immediately after taking blood samples, the animals of the experimental group received a single injection of Nitamin. According to the reference book of medicines, this drug contains in 1 ml: Vitamin A – 50,000 IU, Vitamin E – 50 mg, Vitamin D3 – 5,000 IU, Vitamin C – 10 mg. Among other indications for the use of this drug, the manufacturer indicates the positive effect of Nitamine during lactation, as well as for the prevention of impaired reproductive functions of animals. Due to the fact that the lack of vitamins in animal body was insignificant, and the drug was first used on this livestock, it was decided to use the minimum dosage. A study of Nitamine proved its positive effect on the body of lactating goats of the Alpine breed before coating. Based on data of a biochemical study of goats from the experimental group, significant positive differences were established in comparison with animals from the control group according to the following indicators: total lipids (P≤0.05), AST (P≤0.05), vitamin E (P≤0.001), alkaline reserve (P≤0.05) and sugar (P≤0.01).

 Keywords: goats, Alpine breed, vitamins, Nitamin, lactation, reproduction of young animals, blood counts


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Khokhlov Vladimir Vyacheslavovich, Cand. Sci. (Agr.), Senior Lecturer, Department of Animal Science, Perm Institute of the Federal Penal Service, 614012, Perm, Russia, 125 Karpinskogo str., tel.: 8-919-464-20-11, e-mail:

Received: 21 November 2019; Accepted: 16 December 2019;Published: 31 December 2019