Valery Yu Haynatsky

DOI: 10.33284/2658-3135-104-1-20

UDC 636.082


Research was carried out according the plan of research scientific works on 2021-2023 yy. FSBSI FRC BST RAS (No 0526-2021-0001)

BLUP Method of breeding assessment of beef sires

Valery Yu Haynatsky

Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Orenburg, Russia)                                                                                              

Summary. The efficiency improving of selection and breeding work is possible only based on the use of accurate methods for assessing the breeding value. It allows to determine the genetic potential of animal productivity and predict the productivity of their progeny with a high degree of confidence. There is a need to develop appropriate statistical methods, which based on the productivity of descendants, would make it possible to predict the breeding value of their fathers.

To assess the breeding value of beef sires, the most significant breeding characteristics are determined. An algorithm for calculating the breeding value of producers by the offspring live weight is given. The procedure for constructing linear biometric models, converting the least squares equations into mixed model equations, solving the mixed model equations, obtaining matrices, determining the evaluation of breeding value, and calculating the accuracy of the evaluation is shown.

Key words: beef cattle, predicted breeding value, the method of the best linear unbiased forecast – BLUP, selectional feature, biometric model.


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Haynatsky Valery Yuryevich, Dr. Sci (Agr.), Leading Researcher, Project Management Laboratory, Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000, Orenburg, Russia, 29, 9 Yanvarya St., tel.: 89225336759

Received: 12 March 2021; Accepted: 15 March 2021; Published: 31 March 2021