Dubovskova М.P, Gerasimov N.P.

DOI: 10.33284/2658-3135-103-3-91

UDC 636.082:632.22/.28.082.13


Research was carried out according the plan of research scientific works on 2019-2021 yy. FSBSI FRC BST RAS (No 0761-2019-0012)

Genetic structure and association of growth hormone (L127V) and leptin (A80V) gene

polymorphism with productivity in the North Caucasian population of the Hereford breed

Мarina P Dubovskova, Nikolay P Gerasimov

Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agriotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Orenburg, Russia)

Summary. Сontrol of genetic structure of a herd based on antigenic spectrum of blood groups and DNA markers makes it possible to reveal the proportion of intrapopulation variability for further selection according to the given parameters of productivity. The aim of our research was to analyze the genetic structure and study the effect of polymorphic variants of the growth hormone (L127V) and leptin (A80V) genes on the breeding characteristics of the Hereford cattle. The frequency of erythrocyte antigenic blood factors was determined in three sex and age groups of animals of the Dmitriev type of the Hereford breed: selection core of cows, sires and replacement bulls. The polymorphism of the growth hormone (L127V) and leptin (A80V) genes was studied in the Hereford fresh cows. It has been established that the bull-producing group of cows (selection core) contributes a lot in the genetic diversity of the population. In the course of immunogenetic certification, the most characteristic blood group factors for the Dmitriev type of the Hereford breed were established. In the EAB system, out of 18 antigens, only G2 (0.389-0.861 units), E'3 (0.333-0.643 units) and I '(0.357-0.611 units) are distributed with a high frequency among all age and sex groups. When characterizing the herd by the growth hormone gene, it was found that the frequency of VV genotypes was 9.6% and 33.4% less than that of LV heterozygotes and LL homozygotes. Analysis of the population structure for the leptin gene showed that the frequency of the AA genotype is 54.8% higher and 66.6% higher compared to the AV and VV variants. Animals with VV and AA homozygotes for genes GH (L127V) and LEP / A80V received the highest scores for general appearance and development, muscles, chest, withers, back and loin. Also, animals of these genotypes were more massive. Single-nucleotide polymorphism in the genes of growth hormone and leptin is associated with intrapopulation variability in weight and linear growth, scoring of the constitution and conformation in a group of fresh cows.

Key words: cattle, Hereford breed, erythrocyte antigens, live weight, conformation stats, single nucleotide polymorphism, GH L127V, LEP/A80V.


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Dubovckova Marina Pavlovna, Dr. Sci. (Agr), Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Beef Cattle Breeding, Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000, Orenburg, Russia, 29 9 Yanvarya St., e-mail: dubovskova.m@mail.ru

Gerasimov Nikolay Pavlovich, Cand. Sci. (Agr.), Senior Researcher, Beef Cattle Breeding Department, Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 460000, Orenburg, Russia, 29 9 Yanvarya St., cell: 89123589617, e-mail: nick.gerasimov@rambler.ru

Received: 11 September 2020; Accepted: 14 September 2020; Published: 30 September 2020